Samples Activity Center  - Expanded Reports and EDD's


The Samples Activity Center will show orders that have been received, that are pending analysis, or that have been completed and will give you the option to view any Report, Expanded Report, COC and Invoice for the corresponding Order ID when available. If there is an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) published for the order it will be available to download in the Expanded Report Section.  If you wish to view information about an order that has been received and not reported or wish to view detailed sample or test information, select the EMSL Order ID as listed in the view.


If you are interested in viewing ONLY invoices, click the Accounting - Invoices link.


NOTE:  The Chain of Custody, (COC) will be available to select when the samples are received.



Reference the following key while navigating through the Samples Activity Center:





The Report List consists of two components:  The Filter By: Menu at the top and the Detail Window: containing the order Information below.


The Header has the following components:




Filter By:   The options in the drop-down provide the ability to search for a string in the Project Name / Sample Number / Order ID, select orders including tests of a specific type, and/or identify a date range for the reports that you wish to display.


To search for reports associated with orders meeting certain criteria, you can select a search type from the Filter By field (i.e., Project Name/Sample No, Order ID, Project Name, or Customer Sample) and enter a search string in the Keyword field. Alternately, you can select a test type from the list shown in the Filter by field (below the horizontal line). You can also enter a From Date, a To Date, or both, or you can click on the  icon to navigate to your date via a popup calendar. 


Date Range -  By default the last 20 days will be returned or you can specify a date range and any reports meeting this criteria will be displayed. There are 40 lines for each page in on the retrieval screen. This date range filter will remain until you make a change or log out of your account.


When filtering by date you will only be able to enter a range that is one year or (365) days. The following message will be displayed if the dates you select are beyond the 365 days. Please modify your date range and then make another request.




After entering the desired date(s) and other parameters, click the Find button to display the list of reports that were created during that date range. Clicking the Clear Search will clear the values of both date fields and the Keyword field and will return the values to the default search range.


Important Note: When using a Filter and Keyword, the search will ONLY look for items in the date range that appears.  To view anything in LABConnect that fits the Filter/Keyword, clear the “From Date:” and that will provide all information available in LABConnect.  If the information you seek is still not available, contact Customer Service since that order information may be in our archived system. The amount of time it takes to return a list of documents will depend on how far back your date range is.


The Detail View for the Order has the following components:


Date Range -  By default the last 20 days will be returned or you can specify a date range and reports meeting this criteria will be displayed. There are 40 lines for each page on the retrieval screen. This date range filter will remain until you make a change or log out of your account.



Page numbers in the header and footer - By selecting a page number directly in either the header or footer in the detail view you will be taken to that page, and by selecting the ">>"  pages beyond page 20 will be returned.


NOTE! The wider you make the date range the longer it can take to return your results.


By default, the list of reports shown in the Detail View is presented in reverse chronological order (i.e., the most recently created report is at the top of the list). To view the report in its associated application (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Excel, etc.), click the  icon in the View column immediately to the right of the report you wish to view. If you click (OPEN), the associated program will execute with this file loaded. An icon appearing in a column means that document has been completed and is available for your viewing. If  “Pending” appears the COC or Invoice will be posted when available. If a lock icon appears, this means that you are not entitled to see the document.  N/A will appear in the Expanded Report column if there is no available Expanded Report for the corresponding test.  If you see lock icons and would like to have access to the locked documents, Click on Preferences – Administrators and email your Account Administrator to see if you can be granted access.  If you have no Account Administrators or you are the Account Administrator please contact Customer Service.


To download the file containing the report, click the icon in the View column immediately to the right of the report you wish to view. The ‘File Download’ dialog will be displayed and you should then click the Save button and choose the location and file name where you wish the specified file to be stored. The  icon means that the report has been completed and at one time was available for you to download, but has since been removed by the lab.


Sorting by selecting the Column Header:

You can reorder the list of Available Reports by clicking a column header (Order ID, Receive Date, Project Name, Test, and  Publish Date). Clicking the same column header again will display in the reverse order by that value. An arrow is displayed next to the header name to indicate which column is being used for ordering and whether it is in ascending arrowupor descending Arrowdn order.



New! - Samples Activity Center - Available with Ver. 2.1.69


The Document Retrieval view has been updated to display the status of the report along with the publish date when using the "New" order filter selectors, "Show Pending Orders Only", "Show Completed Orders Only", or the "Show All Orders".  This is now called the Samples Activity Center and will display those orders that have been received but that have not been completed at the time of the selection. With this new view you will also have access to the order and sample details when you click on the available EMSL Order ID.  The default filter when you login to Samples Activity Center will be Show All Orders. 




The "New" Order Filter selector has the following options:



Show All Orders - When this is selected you will see all orders regardless of their status.

Show Pending Orders Only - This will display only those orders that have been received and that have not yet been completed.

Show Completed Orders Only - Only those orders that have been completed will be displayed when this option is selected.


Changing your filter settings

To change your filter criteria between orders in a pending state or to show only completed orders just select the option as listed and the orders will immediately filter based on that criteria along with any other Filter By criteria or date range that is set. Note that the filter criteria you select will only remain available during your current session in LABConnect™. Once you log out your filter will default back to Show All Orders.


Reference the Following Status Conditions in the Samples Activity Center:


N/A - The report or information is currently not available or the report is not yet published.

Pending Due mm/dd - The report has not been published and is due on the date listed. This status will only update daily after 12 AM EST.

Cancelled - The order has been cancelled

Pending - The order has not been completed or published at this time.



In the example below all orders will be displayed for the date range and filter criteria that was entered:





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In the example below only pending orders will be displayed for the date range and filter criteria that was entered:





In the example below only completed orders will be displayed along with the publish date for the date range and filter criteria that was entered:




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Getting the Order Detail

Click on the Order ID as listed and you will see the information related to the order and samples.


The Order Information has the following components:



The Sample Details as returned from Order Information:



The Test Details as returned from Order Information:





NOTE! - If you change you account while in the current session the filter criteria you selected will remain until you completely logout of LABConnect™.



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Expanded Reports and EDD's:



This section will cover how to access and or change the settings for the Expanded Reporting feature available on LABConnect™ . When an Expanded Report is available for an order, the icon will appear under the Expanded Report column section in the Samples Activity Center. The Expanded Report option allows you to customize and choose from different output format types, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Excel Data Only, EDD if published, and Rich Text. You will be able to view and save your report in the format that you choose from within the Expanded Reporting section module.


New! - EDD(s) Selection - Available with Ver.


If an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) is available and has been published for an order, the Expanded Reporting Selection column will display a Icon that indicates this is an option available for download. If only expanded reports are available for the order the icon will be the standard indicator that does not display the small Excel logo. If an expanded report or EDD is not available N/A will be displayed.


Expanded Report Selection for EDD(s) from within the Samples Activity Center:


The icon shown here indicates that the order has an EDD available for download. If you mouse over on the icon you will see detail about the report types that are available for this order if selected. We can see that both an expanded report and EDD is available for this order. Both options will be available to choose from when the Expanded Report Section opens.




In the example below we can see that two orders contain an available EDD and the others only have expanded reports available to select.





The Expanded Report Section will open and display the available EDD(S) for the order. This selector will only be available and displayed when an EDD is published and made available for the order. The standard Expanded Reports selector will be displayed for all other order types that do not contain an available EDD for download.



You can now open or save the EDD to your local machine.


NOTE! This section may differ according to the browser and version you are running along with the type of EDD you are downloading.


EDD Open Example PopUp





EDD example Pop Up 2




EDD Open or Download



Expanded Report Selection from the Samples Activity Center Screen: <<Return to Top>>






Expanded Report Options Page Overview:



NOTE: If you already have default report settings saved, you can click on the usesaved button that will be available in the Expanded Reports Options page under the Basic Report section type. If you have not saved default settings this button will not be available. See the section below on how to edit your settings.


Expanded Report Main Screen



  1. Report Settings - Select the output format that you would like.
  2. Suppress Signatures - When this box is selected signatures will not appear on the report you select.
  3. This is the order number you selected for the report.
  4. This is the type of report that is available to select along with the description."Only available report types for your order will be listed to select."
  5. If you have saved settings the Use Saved button will appear here. "This button will not be available until you customize your settings using the Edit Settings Button, or if you already have saved settings for your login."
  6. This button allows you to customize your report settings and save them as your default. "This option may not be available for all report types."
  7. If you mouse over the magnifier magnify you will see a preview of the page type that will be included in your report.
  8. To exit the interface, click Close or the [x].
  9. (New!) This option allows you to export Bulk Asbestos Results.

Unlike the other exports, this format will put the results for the supported tests into one output file. This has been designed to format properly with the tests listed below. The export will contain one line for each sample.


Select-  Check the box for Microsoft Excel (Data Only)  as noted by item #9

Click - The Retrieve button as noted in Item #5 for the report type you would like to export.

Select Open/Save  - To open or save the spreadsheet containing your exported report data. "You may have to adjust the column width in your report after the import."


Expanded Report Options Page Overview:

Updated with Ver. 2.1.69


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7. If you mouse over the magnifier magnify you will see a preview of the page type that will be included in your report. 


Preview that opens on a mouse-over:



Select              Waiting






Custom Settings for Expanded Reports:<<Return to Top>>


You can change the way you want your reports to look by clicking on the EditSettings button when it is available under the customize section of the expanded fungal report. Once your settings are saved they will be used as your default report. You can always go back and change your options to save new settings as your default.


Customize Settings Screen Overview:

  1. Options - When selected the listed option will be included in your Expanded Report.
  2. This is the version of the results that will appear in the Expanded Report based on your selection.
  3. Click on Create Report to generate a report without saving your options as your default.
  4. Click on Save Settings to make this your default report. "The  usesaved button will be available for future selection.
  5. Move your mouse over the magnifier to see a preview of the report feature you will be selecting.

Save Settings - Used for your default report options: <<Return to Top>>

Once you click on the Save Settings button after choosing your options, you will see saving... indicator for a moment.


You can now click on Create Report to view the report and your can observe that the settings you picked are checked. The settings will remain your expanded report defaults until you make any updates and save them again.

Once you return to the expanded report selection you will now have a button available called Use Saved. This will allow you to immediately retrieve an expanded report with the settings that you saved prior. This is a quick way to access the report in the format you choose without having to change the configuration settings every time.


Generating a Report with your Saved Settings



Note: If the order contains both Air and Direct sample types you will see both type of reports listed to select.


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